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Click Networks - IT Support Glasgow
Click Networks - IT Support Glasgow

Friday, 18 June 2010

Clicknetworks invests in fibre optic & high performance virtual machine cluster

Clicknetworks has announced its plan to build an ultra high-speed fibre optic broadband network.

The investment in the new technology infrastructure comes just shortly after the company announced they were to move all of their client’s data to a high performance virtual machine cluster.

The virtual machine cluster is reported to run on a 2 terabyte iSCSI SAN custom built by the Clicknetworks Computer Engineering team.

The high performance virtual machine cluster will enable higher availability and greater density for our managed data. This means our hosted websites will be faster and our client’s data will be faster to access as well as providing a faster and more reliable backup”, said Craig Smith Systems Architect for Clicknetworks.

Clicknetworks software development team are currently developing a number of cloud based applications where high loads and high demand are anticipated. It is hoped that the new investment in information technology will enable Clicknetworks to support that future demand as well as enable their business clients to capitalise and use a technology framework usually reserved for large corporations and scientific / educational institutions.

If we take a look at the big players like Microsoft and Google as well as look at current industry trends and the popularity of many cutting edge online applications that are based on subscription services, it is clear to us that the future of IT exists in the cloud. Software as a service is something we are going to see become common place in the not too distant future”, said Andrew Beattie, Digital Strategist at Clicknetworks Ltd.

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