Click Networks - IT Support Glasgow

Click Networks - IT Support Glasgow
Click Networks - IT Support Glasgow

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Whats new from Click Networks in 2013

Happy New Year from everyone at Click Networks
New for 2013 - Professional IT Support without hidden costs

Why choose Click Networks to support your IT
Quite simply, we have been around long enough to understand what our clients want and what they expect to pay for. Therefore we have listened and are proud to be different from most other IT companies.

It is very common practice in our industry for most IT companies to charge anything from £95- £115 per hr to install a single PC, Printer or even a smartphone!!

Click Networks do not charge our managed service clients for installing new Printers, PC's, or even migrating data from their old PC's to the new ones. This could save you £100's each time you add or replace some PC's.

We even offer our managed service clients a free configuration service to set up their Smartphones, Ipad's Tablets and similar devices. This costs us time and money, but we believe it demonstrates our total commitment to providing a unique managed IT Service.

If you want to save money in 2013 with your IT Support and associated services, call our sales team today on 0141 530 9116 and see how much we could save you.

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